“Changing” – Sonido del Mundo


Exploring the Crossroads between Afro-Cuban music and Modern Jazz and using own experiences as inspiration, “Changing” awakes the Butterfly Effect bringing listeners freshness and summer feelings for the beginning of 2013. With breath-taking joy, rhythmic compactness, and striking precision, musicians from the band “Sonido del Mundo” achieve a marvellous world of sounds full of mystery, delicate subtlety, and masterful enchantment. Arranged by the band in a collaborative effort, the album features seven original and very personal compositions, which are equally impressive in their deliverance. “Mundito” was co-written by Dan Müller, Tjaša Perigoj, and the piano player Claudia Cassier who also composed “Luna”. The saxophone player Tjaša Perigoj wrote the remaining five original works on this album. Two of them have been awarded with “Jazzon” (International Jazz composition Award): “Song for Buli” (Jazzon 2008, First prize – the best Jazz composition) and “Mind your Step” (Jazzon 2009, Audience Award).

This is an album of exceptional craft and quality that will not only make you get up and dance, but it can also deliver emotional punches that will leave you laid back in a beautiful daze!

Track Listing:


Tjaša Perigoj: Saxophone
Dan Müller: Drums
Claudia Cassier: Piano
Marc Bischoff: Piano (5)
Alfredo Hechavarria: Bass