As a professional musician, following his wide knowledge, experiences, and language skills, Dan Müller provides high quality drum and percussion lessons using various techniques and teaching approaches. Lessons are adapted to different age groups, from children to seniors, and suitable for different learning styles and skill levels, from beginners with no prior knowledge to advanced individuals refreshing their skills.

Dan organizes and conducts:
• Single and group lessons (incl. drum circles, ensembles)
• Workshops
• Special courses for individuals, companies, and schools
• Team building activities

Depending on demand, lessons, courses, and workshops can be held at a customer site (companies, schools, universities, cultural centres, etc.).

Improve your co-ordination and your concentration and get the most out of your Drumming!



Drum set lessons:  


• Styles of drumming: Afro-Cuban rhythms, Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Rock, Pop, etc.
• Stick, brush, hand and foot techniques, and four way independence
• Drum rudiments and their application on the drum set
• Snare drum technique/reading
• Creative listening techniques
• Performing and playing along to a piece of music
• Improvisation and creative soloing
• Drum set chart reading
• Drum kit set up, tuning, and kit maintenance



Percussion lessons:


• Styles: Afro-Cuban and African rhythms
• Instruments: Timbales and Hand percussion (Conga, Kpanlogo, etc.)
• Overall understanding of Afro-Cuban and African rhythms, musical tradition, and culture
• Stick and hand playing techniques (left and right hand coordination and independence)
• Creative listening techniques
• Basic rhythmic patterns for beginners and more challenging arrangements for intermediate and advanced players
• Standard variations of rhythms, improvisation (spontaneously inventing patterns, rhythms and/or variations), and soloing
• Reading percussion notation

Learn, be inspired, inform yourself, and have fun!